Hey, John here with Ruby Red Media, So you did it! You pulled the trigger, and you invested in yourself and your image. Now what? Well, an excellent video does you absolutely no good if no one sees it.

This is where I like to say I am different than other videographers; in fact, I’m not too fond of that word, videographer. It reminds me of a guy in a cheap suit at a wedding. No, thank you, I refer to myself as a content creator and… video strategist.


Why is that? Not to sound too Tony Robbins here, but I have a system that will generate revenue for your business. Our associate Brad Davis is an incredible resource for getting your content seen online.

He has run social media marketing campaigns for businesses, resulting in 6 figure sales for the companies he represents. Here he is to tell you more.

Told you, smart guy. He is a genius for running successful digital campaigns for his clients, and we couldn’t be happier to have him with us here at Ruby Red Media.

If you are in Memphis and looking to create an ad campaign that will get results, please give us a chance to have a conversation with you about how video marketing can make a huge difference in your ad dollars spent.

Until next time!

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