Did you know that according to a recent study, real estate listings that use a professional photographer average more than $11,000 more than market value?  They will also sell 50% faster, even in a market that is as strong as this one.

If you have found yourself on our page today that means you realize the importance of exposure, not only for your clients but for yourself as well.

It is incredibly important to hire the right team to help market your properties.  You may think a photo is just a photo, so let’s provide an example of a standard photo vs one taken by the Ruby Red Team.


Standard photo.

Ruby Red photo.



Photography isn’t the only medium you need to be using to showcase your properties, you should also invest in video.  There is no denying that we live in a world of social media, according to Forbes, TikTok is the most view website in the world, it even beat Google!

So if you aren’t investing in video or reels you need to start TODAY.

Of course our team at Ruby Red Media can help you, we specialize in both the standard video format as well as vertical video seen in reels.





You have probably also heard people talk about social media algorithms dictating which content gets seen to those on the different platforms.  The quickest to explain how this works is this: websites reward users who add NEW content.  The more new content a social media platform has, the more people will want to stay on it and engage.

If you just simply “like” and “share” content that is already there you aren’t really contributing to what these platforms need, so you get bumped to the bottom.  Oh!  And if you are sharing a link from another website, say a TikTok link onto Facebook, that will definitely get your post buried in the feed, because why would they give attention to a post that could potentially lead you away from their site?

This is where creating original content, especially video content, is imperative to  your success on social media.  A great example of something you can do as a realtor is to simply share a video of the home you are listing.  The movement and music evoke emotion and help a potential buyer to “see” themselves inside the home.



Promoting your client’s home isn’t the only thing you are doing when you use photography and video on social media, you are also promoting yourself.  You can’t become a trusted name in real estate if no one knows you exist, right?

Let our videos and photos do the talking for you!

Reach out if you have any questions and to schedule your appointment today!





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