There is no such thing as a $15 an hour videographer.  You are looking for a pink unicorn.

If you have this job in Indeed and you’re hiring a videographer for $15 – $16 an hour, you are in Dreamland my friend!

If you can find someone that can shoot you for $15 an hour, I guarantee you, they’re not going to make you look good.

We have been creating this kind of content you’re watching right now for over two years now.

We do over 150 videos a month and we are highly efficient at it.  My team can come by your business and film for four hours and have enough content for you to last the month.

No, it doesn’t cost $15 an hour, but you’ll look a lot better than hiring someone that does do it for $15 an hour.

If you’d like more information on how my company can help you look better on social media, drop us a DM


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